Introduction to the Company

Strathmore Holdings is one of the fastest growing and most successful property companies of the  last years. Established in 2002, Strathmore has already established itself as a pioneer in regionally growing property market - being consistently at the forefront of the market in identifying and capitalising on property trends. The Group owns and operates a significant investment portfolio and controls arguably some of the most prestigious development sites in the area.

A constant drive for excellence

Strathmore Holdings constantly strives to achieve excellence in every project it undertakes and an adherence to the highest standards of corporate behaviour and sound financial disciplines. We work in partnership and have professional relationships with leading financial institutions and banks.

Our Philosophy

Strathmore  Holdings is committed to excellence in each of its developments and endeavours though innovation, entrepreneurship and sound business principles together  with industry best practice and long-term investment and financial resources. We will continue to adhere to the core principles that have served this group well since its foundation..

Our Passion for Design

As with each aspect of Strathmore's work, we bring a drive, passion and inspiration to our design both at conceptual and detailed stages. We believe in encouraging and nurturing our design creativity, so that our finished structures have an aesthetic ambience and quality unrivalled in the industry. We produce innovative and cost effective design solutions adding real value and creativity to our property investments and the surrounding locality.

Intelligent Design

Buildings are the most visual and lasting synthesis of architectural and engineering creativity. Strathmore offers 'total solutions' to all aspects of design. Our designers understand every aspect of a building's life, and our designers, architects, engineers and project teams work together to design and construct a building which incorporates construction, design and development to strive for a final product which continues to function cost-effectively as the optimum living, inspiring and creative working environment.